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Direct Admission Program

Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides a Direct Admission Program. When a home-health patient, hospice patient or an individual at home has experienced an illness or decline in condition, but an acute-care hospital stay is not required, Clarview may be the right choice. Clarview can coordinate Direct Admission by:

  • Providing a seamless transition in care and averting unnecessary hospital readmissions and emergency room visits.

  • Identifying the most appropriate healthcare setting based on the person’s clinical needs at the time through a clinician-to-clinician assessment process.

  • Facilitating the requirements for admission, such as collaborating to obtain admitting physician orders, communicable disease screening, history and physical requirements to reduce the delays in the transfer process.

  • Providing access to a wide continuum of healthcare services including 24-hour nursing care, rehabilitative services, hospice care and respite services.

  • Providing assistance with financial concerns and Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, and payment requirements.

Please call 814-745-2031 for more information on our Direct Admission Program.

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