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As Hospital Backlog Eases, Clarview Adjusts State Rehab Center Role

A reduction in hospital backlog due to a drop in COVID-19 cases has led the Pennsylvania Department of Health to remove Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a “regional decompression site.”

In January, Clarview was designated among only four long-term care facilities in the state to alleviate an excess of cases experienced by regional hospital partners. The care facility served as a decompression site to allow for a more rapid discharge of hospital patients who can be safely cared for in a nursing facility setting.

“We thank the DOH for having entrusted us with this responsibility; Clarview was proud to serve in this role and would do so again if needed,” said Clarview’s Interim Nursing Home Administrator Pam Fatigante. “Our leadership worked with state officials to quickly mobilize the decompression unit without impacting the care and services provided to our current residents and families.”

The remaining patients housed at Clarview through the decompression program will remain at the facility until discharged, according to the DOH.


Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a skilled nursing facility licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We provide assistance to individuals recovering from an illness, injury or hospital stay. Providing Outpatient Therapy, Outpatient Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing Care for individuals in our community. We are a non-profit organization which is governed by a volunteer board of directors.


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