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Clarview partners with State Officials to Ease Hospital Surge

Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and FEMA in a new state-wide effort to launch regional sites that will expand long-term care capacity and alleviate the current backlog experienced by our regional hospital partners. Clarview will serve as a “regional decompression site,” to allow for more rapid discharge of hospital patients who can be safely cared for in a nursing facility setting.

Clarview has offered one of its unoccupied nursing units that is completely separate from our current residents’ unit, as a physical site for the regional efforts. Through the initiative, staff will be provided who will care for patients in the new unit, separate from the regular staff.

Clarview leadership has been working closely with state officials from The PA Department of Health and FEMA to quickly mobilize the decompression unit without impacting the care and services provided to our current residents and families. The government agencies will deploy all of the nursing staff as well as some ancillary department personnel to provide care on the decompression unit. The arrangement between Clarview and state officials has been intentionally structured to avoid putting any additional strain on our current Clarview team.

State officials anticipate operating regional decompression units for the next ninety (90) days.

“We feel this is one way that Clarview can play an active role in alleviating the current healthcare crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local hospitals are full and experiencing difficulty in accommodating all who need care. Offering a vacant unit, separate our current residents, to assist the healthcare system in providing the right care at the right time in the right setting is a contribution that Clarview can provide to assist in this state-wide effort,” said Mary Louise Logue of the Clarview Board of Directors.

The Clarview Board of Directors' role in facilitating this partnership will benefit the community at large by alleviating the current challenges experienced by those who need hospital care to ensure they receive the necessary care and services at the time they are needed.


Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a skilled nursing facility licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We provide assistance to individuals recovering from an illness, injury or hospital stay. Providing Outpatient Therapy, Outpatient Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing Care for individuals in our community. We are a non-profit organization which is governed by a volunteer board of directors.


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